About us

Sothertons Group Pty Ltd, is a national association of independent accounting firms founded in 1983 with representation on all mainland states as well as representation in New Zealand. Each member firm of the National Sothertons Group is an innovative provider of business and financial services with its focus set firmly on the future. Sothertons provides business and financial services to deal with the commercial challenges facing organisations in the private and public sectors.

This national association offers clients a unique level of access to Directors and experts who provide a high level of senior advice on a national basis. The National Sothertons Group also allows individual partner firms to strengthen and develop our processes and technical understanding whilst taking advantage of local accounting knowledge.

The Board of the National Sothertons Group Pty Ltd is represented by a Director from each office of the Sothertons Association. The Board is currently represented by:

Steven Marsten(Chairperson)
Craig Coleman (Deputy Chairperson/Treasurer)
Alex Reade
Robert Rochlin